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"You House" is a construction company that offers:

  • Designing a house from scratch - based on your requests and requirements, we will bring all your ideas and demands to life.
  • Project catalog - two unique catalogs are available, the first one containing projects of already built houses, and the second one containing projects designed by our company.
  • Turnkey construction of private houses - our company has been building houses in compliance with all norms and building codes for many years.
  • Technical supervision - the best technical supervision is you. In our "Knowledge Base" section, you will find free instructional videos.

Projects and Construction

To begin with, we recommend that you either choose a future housing project from our catalog or have our architect develop one from scratch for you. There are various types of houses available, such as stone, wooden, or frame houses. The advantages of choosing our company are:

  • We will create the house project for free.
  • Technical supervision and video instructions are free.
  • Large discounts when building a turnkey house.

All of our actions are transparent: we provide free consultations on which materials are best to build with, tell you where you can save money and where you shouldn't. We only use high-quality, durable building materials. We can also build environmentally friendly houses, economy class, luxury houses, and other types of dwellings.

Price and deadlines

One advantage of our company is that we have a large inventory of materials. This means we don't need to seek assistance from other companies, wasting your time and money. We have our own sawmill, fleet of vehicles (cranes, trucks), and use modern construction equipment and high-quality tools (from hammers to concrete mixers), as well as support posts, beams, formwork, and more. We source building materials (bricks, aerated concrete, warm ceramics, etc.) from manufacturers at discounted rates, so your construction costs decrease because you pay significantly less for materials.

Types of construction:

Today, the leaders in terms of construction type are:

  1. Stone houses made of bricks, warm ceramics, and aerated concrete are popular because of their durable materials.
  2. Wooden houses are in second place, with advantages in terms of ecology and aesthetics.
  3. Third place goes to frame houses, which have an affordable price and quick construction.
  4. Combined houses have become popular because of their aesthetic appeal and durability.

However, only you know what kind of house you need. Our services are affordable but of high quality, with many advantages. Our manager can also provide telephone consultations at +7 (495) 744-85-11

Materials for construction

Gas concrete blocks

The lightweight nature of the material allows for a reduction in the bulkiness of the foundation.

Gas concrete blocks


The strength and durability of this material is an important factor in construction.


Ceramic blocks

Thermal insulation, soundproofing, and eco-friendliness of this material are important factors to consider.

Керамические блоки
Monolithic concrete

Monolithic concrete

The high strength and fast construction of this material allows for the execution of complex structures.


Combining different building materials

Allows for the construction of eco-friendly homes, luxury homes, and helps minimize costs.

Combining different building materials

Profiled timber

The eco-friendliness and low weight of installation give this material its advantages.

Profiled timber
Glued timber

Glued timber

It doesn't require facade finishing, which saves you money, and allows for construction of houses in almost any shape.


SIP panels

The low cost and fast construction of a house provide advantages to this material.

SIP panels
Round logs

Round logs

The eco-friendliness and charm of this material provide advantages.



Environmental friendliness and simplicity of interior finishing provide an advantage.


About us

We have a mission

Our mission is to be the most effective company developing the construction potential, with our own production of stone, wood, a fleet of vehicles, and so on, thus saving costs for the customer.

We have a goal

Our goal is to remain a reliable, recognized leader among construction companies, promoting business development to offer quality services to our clients."

Our values

- Customer-focused approach

- Increasing our own production capabilities

- Striving to be the best at what we do

- Professionalism

- Responsibility


Our objectives are to increase the share of the construction business, create infrastructure, and provide higher quality services.

Large selection
of ready-made projects

When purchasing a project, you will receive full consultation on construction.

Free project
with construction

Individual project means that your ideas are transformed into engineering solutions.

from any stage

We can take on the construction of a house from any stage, just give us a call.

An individual

Full construction consultation + video and photo reports of all stages.

Full consultation
on building materials

We provide consultation on the construction materials that are best to use before starting the construction.


Independent supervision of the progress of each stage of construction work.

discounts and promotions

When ordering a turnkey house construction, there is a 30% discount on the facade. Gifts for the company's clients are also available.

Building according
to building codes

Construction according to all SNIP regulations and international standards.

If you want to have a high-quality home that will truly bring you joy, our team of architects and builders will construct such a house.

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